Monday, April 2, 2018

Locked and Loaded!

Getting closer now! Time to get the trailers hitched. 

Just a light load today while we adjust to the extra weight and the slower starts and stops at intersections.  
We'll gradually increase the loads over the next few weeks until we're not far off our final load weights. 
The greater the trailer weight, the firmer control of the handlebars is needed. Taking one hand off for hand signals can be a bit wobbly for me sometimes, but, luckily, Del always does it confidently. 

A good run today - no problems - and a tail wind!

Good reason to enjoy a double strength, trim, flat white at our favourite coffee stop, I say!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

New Threadz!

Another job crossed off the list!
We've invested in new tee shirts to help advertise our cycle challenge.
Mala and Asha at Custom Threadz in Pukekohe were very thoughtful, helpful and supportive. Thank you so much ladies. As you can see, we're thrilled to bits with the results. Look great from the back, too!

Friday, March 23, 2018


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Monday, March 19, 2018

Training Run!

Tested the bikes, tent, and bodies today. Stayed last night under canvas at the Cambridge Top 10 Caravan Park. 
The tent and bikes were fine - but as for our bodies, sleeping on a hard floor again will take a bit of getting used to!!
This morning we cycled the Cambridge to Karapiro cycle trail, then this afternoon did the Te Awa cycle trail from Cambridge to the Avanti Velodrome. Lucky enough to catch the NZ Women's Track Cycling team in action.
Lovely, wide, smooth paths. So nice to cycle side by side for a change!
40kms round trip. Just a warm up!!
On the challenge, we'll sometimes be tackling a 120+kms day!

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Getting sorted! Search for a Mirror!

When you're two old adventurers on bikes with trailers, battling traffic, a mirror becomes a vital necessity.
The mirror prewarns of road trains, caravans etc behind us and helps us negotiate traffic at intersections and to dash across busy highway lanes when necessary.

I have relied totally on Del, his mirror and his impeccable traffic commands!

We've tried several mirrors over the last few years, most attached to Del's handlebars. 
Vibration tends to distort the image but the main problem has been breakage - bike falling over, mirror clipping an immovable object etc.
The solution -  find an unbreakable metal mirror that could be held in the hand when required. 

We found one. It was kept, easily accessible, top of Del's handlebars.
It survived two long tours, but now has lost its shine and, more importantly, its clarity.

So we went on a metal mirror hunt. Size, handle etc had to be just right. 
Finally discovered the ideal mirror in Auckland's Karangahape Road Army and Navy store.
It's a French Army shaving mirror. 

Yay! Vive la Foreign Legion! We're in business again!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hot stuff!

We've been on three major cycle trips in Australia already but managed to do every one without carrying a camp stove.
Apart from the odd occasion when we've approached a caravanner for a jug of hot water to rehydrate a freeze dried meal, we've settled for cold, mainly tinned food - baked beans, creamed rice, sardines etc.
Our next trip is a little more challenging, though, with several 400+km stretches between road houses.  For food variety and sustenance, we've decided to invest in a small camp stove and a collection of tasty freeze dried dinners.
Checked out several stoves and eventually bought a compact little stove and pot.
Tested them both using a Gasmate canister. Gas on full, water boiled in 2 minutes 40. Quietly impressed!
We'll buy the gas when we get to Cairns but will probably stock up on the freeze dried meals back home as most of them are produced here.

Phew! Feeling much more confident about feeding ourselves on those long stretches now.
Of course we'll have to carry enough water for 4 days, too - but that's another hill to climb!

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Power to the People!

We've invested in a power bank, for those long stretches away from civilisation.

I'll try to be very economical with power usage while on the road, but hopefully I'll be able to charge my phone several times on this little beauty.
It's surprisingly heavy for its size (like me really) and will be an additional weight in the trailer, too, darn it, but it's an asset and worth its weight - literally!

Pics and blogs - no excuses now!

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